amcambike – Why do people cycle in Amsterdam

Original post – 25th February 2012

Following on neatly from the last post, amcambike takes a look at a survey by the Amsterdam statistical service into locals’ motives for cycling in Amsterdam. The author makes a point of stating that only 9% named the infrastructure and facilities as a factor in why they cycled, with the inference being that cycle infrastructure is not a key reason for the high cycling rates in the city.

I saw this and it really made me think. Like cycle infrastructure, the presence of the Earth’s crust is pretty much ubiquitous in Amsterdam. Surprisingly, none of the survey respondents identified the presence of a crust above the Earth’s mantle as a factor when asked why they like cycling in Amsterdam. The logical inference is that the importance of the presence of the Earth’s crust to cyclists is overestimated.

Either that or, as a ubiquitous presence, the Earth’s crust is something which Amsterdam’s residents take for granted, and thus neglected to mention the Earth’s crust when asked why they like cycling in Amsterdam. A bit like the infrastructure really.


One Response to “amcambike – Why do people cycle in Amsterdam”

  1. David Arditti Says:

    Nice one again. I was thinking exactly the same.

    If you interviewed drivers in the UK about why they make their journey by car, I am sure few would state “it is because the roads have been provided for me”. Though, of course, in a sense, that would be the true reason.

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